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Change your Space First

Where we choose to live is one of the most important decisions of our lives, and affects everything we do. The bed we sleep on is the most important piece of furniture. The position of our stove, where our bathrooms are, the shape of our spaces, colors, directions are all important in feng shui.

Live and work in a place you love; this is personal to everyone. If your home has stuff you don’t like, this is clutter. Clutter will block you and cause stagnant energy.

The Law of Attractions states, ‘ Like Attracts Like’ and this is so. What we think about we bring about, and this is so. The good news is, we do have complete control over our thoughts, and this is where we can change our world.

Everything we do in life, having a family, relationships, losing weight, healthy eating, career, self-knowledge, love and so on, will work much better when our space aligns with our energy.

When our space supports us, we will feel more in alignment with our true self and everything we do will feel easy.

When buying a home, renting an office, doing renovations or when something feels off, consult with a feng shui professional that is a good fit for you both.

Getting our space right is an important first step that will reward and support you and your family.

Most of us are already in our space now, and we can adjust everything to work for us. And, we can let go of everything that we don’t love. It is easy and so worth it.

Feng shui combined with the Law of Attraction will reap enormous benefits in our lives.

Get your zest for living back!


“The changes I made to my Health area (gua) were like magic. Now I’m eating better and lost weight!”

“I adjusted in the ‘Fame’ area for my husband, and the next day he won a big contract!” ~ MV

“Carmel solved a lifelong problem with our living room in an easy and efficient manner. She immediately not only recognized the issue but had an excellent solution by moving a door and changing the opening. Minimum fuss and minimum cost- perfect result. An excellent service.” ~ Angela G.

“I cleared a lot of books from my Relationship area and shortly after reconciled with my extended family. ~ DM

“The changes I have made in my home have been very profound; getting rid of clutter has improved my life. I often kept things packed that only added to the clutter.” ~ MM

“Our home life is much more positive – it seems that once we started to make the changes that our lives have also become less cluttered and everything is more harmonious.”

To get started, download my free report “Feng Shui Your Entry Way.”

In this short e-book you will learn:

  • A short history of Feng Shui
  • What is chi (energy) and why is it important to our life
  • Why the front door is so important to attract new energy (chi)
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