How can we combine Feng Shui with the Law of Attraction?

How can we combine Feng Shui with the Law of Attraction?

Here is a definition of one type of law from my New Oxford American Dictionary.

Law: a statement of fact deduced from observation to the effect that a particular natural or scientific phenomenon always occurs if certain conditions are present.

So what certain conditions do we need?

1) Get clear on what we want and write it down

2) Hire a feng shui consultant to align our space to enhance our intention for what we want.

3) Trust that we will receive what we desire and then let go of any attachment to it

4) Keep our personal vibration up by eating a healthy whole food diet, get sufficient rest, go outside every day even for 15 minutes and be grateful for what we already have

5) Keep our spaces clean, simple, bright and beautiful (whatever that means to you) and release everything that you have no use for

6) Make space for what you desire, for example, if you would like to attract a partner, then clear a space in your closet and home for another person. When our rooms and home are stuffed, there is nowhere for anyone or anything new.

7) Be the person you would like to attract

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