My name is Carmel Malone-Quane my motto is…

Change your space first!

When I was a child I remember clearing corners and drawing sketches of homes. At that time I never thought there was a career path in this, that was just something I did and loved. I grew up in rural Ireland. I was very good at art, it never entered my head, nor was I ever encouraged to be an artist. You were supposed to get a decent job and not go around dreaming of far away places and far away lands like I did, that was for other people, different somehow from us?

I did get to London though to do nursing. I loved London, I was in my element. Every spare moment I had, I went London on the tube or bus, and relished that city’s energy! Cities suit me. I had a small dream long since buried, about America and particularly, NYC, I remembered seeing something on our black and white TV about it as a young girl.

All these little seeds that I planted in my head as a youngster have all come true.

I got to NYC and I loved the energy there. My inner artist was calmed somewhat, by going to the Fashion Institute of Technology to study interior Design. I supported myself by doing agency nursing. My penchant for clearing corners came into being with the feng shui.

When I heard of feng shui first I had a curiosity about it but didn’t pursue it until years later. Feng shui is the glue that combines all my careers together. I thought, beautiful clear spaces, combined with nursing and health would be a great fit. Jack of all trades, that’s me, and that suits my energetic nature. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not Ok be a jack of all trades, it suits many.

As I had such luck manifesting my dreams I got interested in the Law of Attraction, when ‘The Secret’ came out about ten years ago.

I am now almost finished training to be a certified (LOA) coach so I can help clients who may need some coaching with implementing feng shui suggestions and seeing there is a different way. I have three kids and the best thing I can teach them is to follow their hearts, because Dreams really do come true!

I am certified in Universal and BTB (Black Tibetan Buddhism) Feng Shui, a Red Ribbon member if the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG), Certified Practicioner of Interior Alignment (CPIA) by Denise Linn and Seven Star Space Clearing. I have a degree in Interior Design. I am a NYS licensed RN. I am in the process of training to be a (LOA) coach.

I love creating, art, kundalini yoga, walking, reading, clearing spaces and delving into the unseen world of energies. I believe everyone has a dream and when we smother that dream we get bored with life, become lethargic and start having health issues, gain weight and give up. I’m here to remind you, don’t give up on your dream, it’s just buried, we will find it!

Call me for a 15 minute talk- 917-974-7164

Thank you for reading,