How to Manifest

Start small with something you really would like? Let’s take the example of planning a vacation, (even thought this might be big, we can all understand this vacation vibration) Remember the excitement you have planning your vacation because you know it’s going to happen. This high vibration encourages you to eat better, exercise, buy new… [Read More]

New Year, New You?

February 04, is the start of the Chinese New Year and another chance to live a life we love. I have a vision that women and men, who want to create a life that is happier, will create a path to a better tomorrow; for ourselves and as an example to our kids. And it is… [Read More]

How can we combine Feng Shui with the Law of Attraction?

How can we combine Feng Shui with the Law of Attraction? Here is a definition of one type of law from my New Oxford American Dictionary. Law: a statement of fact deduced from observation to the effect that a particular natural or scientific phenomenon always occurs if certain conditions are present. So what certain conditions do we… [Read More]

Clutter, and its impact?

What is clutter?  Simply put, it is everything we do not use or love. Put it this way, we could assume that clutter is easy to get rid of, we take the unused/unloved item, put it in the trash or donate it! It is that simple, until we bring our emotions into it. How much did… [Read More]

Feng Shui Basics

Your home is a direct reflection of what is happening in your life at this time. It is my belief that any and all changes we try to make in other areas of our lives will have minimum effect if our spaces do not also change. I know this was so for me and my… [Read More]