Feng Shui, Clutter-Free and (LOA) Club

Have you tried to make changes in your life and still find yourself feeling stuck and unfulfilled? Are you always looking for the next thing that will finally work for you?

How about changing your space first? Did that ever occur to you that maybe it’s the space that’s amiss? Maybe there’s an energy block somewhere, maybe the full closets and stuffed drawers are blocking something? Maybe there are some feng shui no no’s that need adjusting.

Do you have excess (clutter) around your home or office? Everything has a vibrational energy field and clutter has one too. Flowers have an energy field that we love, we smell them and feel uplifted. Kids are another example with their vibrant energy. Clutter has a very different energy field and when we see it, we may feel guilt, shame, anger and we will feel a dip in our vibration.

A well known Feng shui consultant worked with a young heroin addict. This young girl came to the consultant’s office and was making progress. Then she stopped improving and the consultant was baffled? After a few weeks of stagnation, she said to the girl, let’s meet in your home for our next session, the girl was mortified and tried to object. The consultant insisted. When they went to the girl’s flat is was extremely full of clutter. That’s when the consultant saw where the block was. The girl was encouraged to clear the clutter slowly and she eventually made a full recovery.

When I was training as a CPIA, I shared a room with an energy worker who helped people release their pain. Her reason to study Feng Shui Interior Alignment was solely because she saw evidence that her patients had blocks in their home environment that halted their healing, and she could only do so much once the home remained blocked.

These are two examples of how our spaces are so important to our very existence.  I had to clear a lot of clutter over the years myself and that changed my life. I always feel much freer and have greater clarity when my space is clear. The degree to how it affects everyone differs, but clutter does cause a myriad of issues.

We go on vacation to get away from our stuff, how would you feel if you had to pack it all and take it with you, feel that, it’s the energy of clutter.

What results can you expect in the Feng Shui, Clutter Free (LOA) Club?

The Clutter Club is a virtual meeting place for those struggling with clutter to receive the support needed to make small but impactful changes to your space. Some of us may need a longer period of time to remove everything that is not useful in our lives. It is better to remove it slowly. Included in the Clutter Club are plenty of feng shui suggestions to align your space. I also provide space planning, color selections and organizational skills and habits to get you back on track. I will teach you how to use the bagua and answer questions to provide clarity.

I include processes from ‘Ask and it is Given’ to raise your vibration to one of happiness and joy. When you are on a higher vibration you attract effortlessly what you desire and release what doesn’t serve you. These processes are amazing to raise our emotions to a higher level to help us feel better.

When clingy clutter is removed we have more time to spend with family and do the things we love. And life flows better.

 Types of Clutter

  • Things you do not use or Love
  • Too many clothes and shoes that are not used
  • Too many paper items such as catalogues, magazines, books,  junk mail and children’s school projects
  • Too many toys
  • Too many commitments
  • Broken items
  • Unfinished projects
  • Body clutter, including weight, and mental clutter
  • Credit card debt
  • Too much organized stuff in plastic containers and the like
  • Things we may ‘need some day’
  • Worry, Shame, and Guilt

What you will Need

  • A timer
  • Your favorite charity to donate items too
  • Two containers of your choice, bags, boxes, baskets, etc.

How It Works

Step One: Invest

You make a small monthly investment of only $39.99 or one yearly investment of $399.00 to join the Clutter Club. For less than $10.00 per week you will turn your life around.

Step Two: Join the Community

I welcome you to our closed Facebook community where you can share your challenges, receive support, and learn helpful tips for managing clutter in your life. Tips will be emailed if that suits better. There are no guaranteed outcomes, though if you follow through and make suggested changes your life will change for the better. Questions answered about Feng Shui and The Law of Attraction.

Step Three: One 30-45 minute conference call on Saturday at 10 a.m. EST, and one 30-45 call on Wednesday 8.30p.m. EST.  These calls will be 10 minutes of clearing one area of the bagua and an explanation of what this area represents in your life, and Q&A. We will be doing different areas each week.

Step Four: Ongoing Clearing; I will provide you with Feng Shui tips to empower you to master your spaces at home and at work. In between sessions, these tips will keep you on track as you de-clutter and re-create your life. I will teach processes to use to get your vibration higher so you will be happier and manifest what you desire.

Get Started

Monthly Payments


Yearly Payments
$399.00 once per year
Pay in full bonus: 30 Minute Feng Shui Consultation with Carmel


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