Feng Shui

Feng Shui has been around for about 5,000 years. In the beginning it was based on Land form and where the best site would be to build a home. This was usually at the bottom of a hill, protected from the elements where crops would thrive and the family would prosper. It is the same today, we want to feel protected with something behind our backs, like trees, building and hills, this is the Black Tortoise. To our left side as we look out of a front door, can be trees and hedges, and is the Green Dragon, and the male side. To our right, it is suggested to have lower trees/hedges, this is the White Tiger and the female side. This is called the armchair configuration and it makes us feel secure.

Feng shui has evolved in different directions to suit our modern world. Feng shui is how a space feels and how energy (chi’) flows through a space to maximize the benefits for the people living or working in this environment.  I align the elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water to suit the person’s elemental make up.  I lay an energetic bagua over a space to see the area a person may be blocked and provide solutions so your life will flow in your chosen direction. Feng shui can create amazing results for us when done by a conscientious, knowledgeable consultant.

Feng shui works whether we believe it or not, as we are shifting the energy of a space. Our intentions, and what we focus on, are in action always. This is called the Law of Attraction.

“If it feels good then it is good”…Denise Linn.

The Bagua

The bagua is a grid with nine areas (guas) and this is our energetic map to locate any blocks in a space. The bagua is always positioned along the wall where the front door is located.
The center of the bagua is the Tai Chi and represents our health. The other eight guas are Family, Wealth, Fame, Relationships, Children and Creativity, Helpful People, Career and Inner Knowledge.
Some spaces may have guas missing, and some may have extensions. When a building or plot is not entirely square, rectangle, or round (unusual), you will have a missing piece, or you can have an extension if you have a small area protruding.


The landform and the surrounding area will have an effect on our environment as well. Buildings, foliage, roads and electrical power lines can affect us. Who we have as neighbors, and how we are as neighbors, plays a role in our lives. We can adjust any issues here.

Interior Space

Our bed, stove, desk and where we sit, will affect how we feel in our day to day life. The location of bathrooms, stairs, doors and windows are all relevant to how our space works for us. These are the first adjustments I make. Make your space work for you, the way you like. If you like beauty then have a beautiful space. If you like clear and clean then have that. Whatever suits you?

Five Elements

The Five Elements are important in many ways and affect our personalities and our space. Most of us will not feel comfortable in a stark white, modern, spic and span environment. This design represents the metal element. This design may suit people who have a lot of metal element in their character.

Earth: Peacemaker and Transformer. Mother Earth. Square and rectangular shapes. Earth, pink and warm neutrals colors. Nourishment and nurturing. Self-pity and Meddling.

Metal: Alchemist and Leader. Round and oval shapes. Metallic, white, gray, and soft pastel colors. Polished stone and marble. Precise, refined and organized. Beauty. Perfectionism and Criticism.

Wood: Pioneer and Visionary. Upright shapes, Green, blue and purple. Trees, plants and flowers, New ideas. Fast Moving. Growth. Rigidity and Anger.

Fire: The Wizard and Magnet. Love, compassion, tender heart. Reds and oranges. People. Zig zag, stars, and Chevron. Animals. Limelight and Party. Burnt out and Self Centered.

Water: The Philosopher and Intuitive. Depth. Loves to spread out. Intelligent and thoughtful. Wavy shapes. Dark deep colors and black. Glass. Depression and Gloom.

With feng shui, we align these Elements to fit our personality type and adjust if there is too little or too much.

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang is the basis of everything that exists. Everything has yin and yang.  Examples are, day and night, hard and soft, male and female, one is not possible without the other. Yin is female and the small circle represents the masculine in her. Male is yang with his inner feminine. Yang is hard, yin is soft.  Yang is light and loud, yin is dark and receptive. There is always a little yin, in yang, and a little yang, in yin. Our spaces work better when they are 60% yang and 40% yin.

BTB Feng Shui

Black Tibetan Buddhism feng shui was brought to America in the late 1970’s by Professor Lin Yun. He was the first one to bring feng shui to the west. We do not use a compass here, instead we place the bottom of bagua along the wall where the front door is. Professor Lin Yun has many teachings and was highly successful. In BTB feng shui, we use out intentions and transcendental Cures (like prayer). We have many cures that cover everything including, health, wealth, career, relationships, and so on. In BTB feng shui, red envelopes are used for payment, and when transcendental cure is provided. I ask for red envelopes with a small token in each. You can give one, nine or eighteen red envelopes. I usually recommend a dollar in each though even a penny will work. I will advise how to do proceed, there is no wrong way. The money I receive (except for my fee) is always circulated back into the community. I give it to someone I feel may benefit, or donate to a charity.


Services and consultations provided by Carmel Malone-Quane are not to be used as a substitute for the care of a licensed medical provider when needed. I serve as a reference and guide for Feng Shui, design and LOA knowledge only. There are no guaranteed outcomes, you do the work and are responsible for changes. Individual results will vary based on client’s commitment and participation. However, if you flow along and make suggested changes your life will change and turn in the direction you want it to go.

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