The Law of Attraction

What is the Law of Attraction (LOA)?

The Law of Attraction states “That onto which its own Self is Drawn,” or ‘Like attracts Like.’ The (LOA) is always working, bringing us what we think about and what we feel on an energetic level. Use this Law well; you can turn your life in the direction that feels easy for you.

Feng Shui and the flow of energy is always working, make it work for you!

The best way to attract what you want is to be happy as much as you can. I have lots of ways to raise your vibrations to get you on a higher level (happier). These all work and you can live your life intentionally. Joy is the highest level and this is where all the good stuff is.

We have attracted or created everything we have. We are responsible for 100% of what is in front of us and how our life is unfolding before us. Powerful stuff. If we attracted what we see around us, then we can consciously create whatever we want to, Be, Like, Do and Have. It has to BE. There are no limits or exceptions.

What about the stuff that you don’t want?

Honor it and, LET IT GO, you have wanted it at some time in the past, or you may have received it as a gift? Take a deep breath, find relief, and space for what you do want. Have what you like and like what you have. I can help you LET GO. What do you get, FREEDOM, RELIEF and SPACE? And then you will have room to attract the things you love.

I provide (LOA) coaching by the hour, to shift your thoughts to a better feeling thought. Even to find a better feeling thought will raise your vibration. It is not possible to move from depression to joy in one session as this is like telling yourself, “I am feeling great” when your sick in bed with the flu, it just doesn’t feel right. It is feasible to move from depression to anger which is a little higher up the scale. When we move our thoughts up slowly we feel it in our being and it resonates with us. This works really well and you will feel much better in your day to day life.

Law of Attraction coaching is used to give you power over your thoughts and show you how you created what you have in your life.

When you understand how you attracted what you have it front of you , you can then choose your thoughts to have a life that feels in alignment with who you are. What this means is, things will feel easy and right, and when something feels hard, it is a very good signal that you are going the wrong way.